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carton sealer

Sydney based Get Packed specialises in packaging machinery. Our range of carton sealers includes a number of ranges and styles that include top and bottom drive, automatic case erectors, and tape machines that are suited for a range of particular carton sizes and styles. We also provide a link to a range of second hand packaging machines that includes second hand carton sealers that will provide you with cost effective alternatives.

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Carton Sealers Sydney

We have a large range of carton sealers to suit all kinds of specifications. We supply 3 main lines all of which include top and bottom belt drives, side belt drives and will suit cartons that range from tall and thin through to bulging extreme dimensions. At Get Packed we also supply an extensive range of machine tapes to suit the carton sealing machines.
Packmasta 100 side drive carton sealer

Packmasta 100 - Side Drive Carton Sealer

The Packmasta 100 Side Drive Carton Sealer and applies tape to the top and bottom of boxes using two side belts while the tape head applies the tape. It will tape box dimensions of - L (no limit) W (120-480mm) H (120-480mm), will suit tape sized from 48-60mm (machine tape) and has a sealing speed of 30 cartons/minute.

Packmasta 100

Packmasta 100

Carton Sealer from Get Packed

GPEXC range of Carton Sealers

The GPEXC range of Carton Sealers feature the 103TB (top and bottom drive). The 103SD (side drive) and the 103SD-SS (which is a side drive stainless steel carton sealer). The side drive model (103SD) is ideal for use when the carton is too full or if the carton has extreme dimenions. Also available are tape heads exclusively for the GPEXC range. Please click on the images below for more specific information on each carton sealer.

Top and Bottom Drive

Top and Bottom Drive

Side Drive

Side Drive

Side Drive

To find out more information on each of the GPEXC range of carton sealers please click on the images below.

carton sealer GPEXE103tb

Carton sealer side drive

Carton Sealer Side Drive Stainless Steel

Taping head for GPEXC range

Taping Head
Carton Sealer GPXT range

GPXT Range of Carton Sealers

The GPXT 36 Carton Sealer is a side belt driven sealer that uses tape on both top and bottom of the carton. It is easily adjustable for both height and width for different sized cartons.Maximum seal dimensions are 500mm x 500mm.
The GPXT37 is top belt driven and is also easily adjustable. Maximum seal dimensions are 500mm x 500mm.
Please click on the shopping cart below for more information.

Top Belt Drive


Box Taping Machine

GPEC Range of Carton Sealers

The GPEC range of carton sealers has Semi Automatic as well as Automatic carton sealers. The Semi Auto carton sealers are built for dependable performance and easy operation featuring both a side belt drive which is recommended for low profile, small and lightweight cartons, as well as a Top and Bottom Belt drive carton sealer that is designed for cartons with a higher and wider profile. Our 705A Carton sealer is an automatic random carton sealer with both a top and bottom belt drive. Our largest of this series is the 801 which is an Automatic Case Erector and bottom sealer which is particularly suited for longer or higher cartons. Click on the images below for more information on each.

To find out more information on each of the GPEC range of carton sealers please click on the images below.

Side Belt Drive

GPEC-703 Carton Sealer
Top & Bottom Drive

GPEC-705a Carton Sealer
Auto Top & Bottom Drive

GPEC-801 Carton Sealer
Auto Case Erector

CT50 side belt driven carton sealing machine

Semi Automatic Carton Sealer

This height and width adjustable carton sealer uses a simple mechanical operation sealing cartons with tape on the top and the bottom with the tape head being easily removed. Being a side belt driven design it is ideal for low profile, small and lightweight boxes with speeds of up to 2500 cartons per hour depending on carton sizes.

Low profile carton sealer

Low Profile Carton Sealer

This Siat model low profile carton sealer is a manually adjustable side belt model. It features patented taping heads (for 50mm tape width) and can do both top and bottom or top or bottom carton sealing. It can average 15 cartons per minute.

Automatic hot melt case erectors/carton sealers

Automatic Carton Sealers

The Siat Automatic Case Erector features bottom gluing units that spread hot melt glues onto the bottom flaps of the boxes and motorised storage for 150 boxes and a production capacity of 6/8 boxes per minute depending on the box size. Its procedure involves folding and sealing the bottom flaps with hot melt glue spread while boxes are passing through motorization. At the end of the cycle one presser will press the four glued flaps for optimizing their conjunction before filling.
The Siat Automatic Hot Melt Carton Sealer has either top or top and bottom gluing unit spreading the glue on the top (or top & bottom) carton flap while boxes are passing through the machine. Once glued, boxes are kept pressed to allow a proper adhesion. Production capacity is within 10/18 boxes per minute depending on box size.
For more information on either of these carton sealers please either click on the brochures below or click on the shopping cart.

Automatic Case Erector

Automatic Case

Automatic Hot Melt Carton sealer

Automatic Hot Melt Carton sealer


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