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Glue Guns - How to Choose the right one for you
Choosing the right Glue Gun for your application means considering

Tamper Evident Packaging - what are the choices?
In todays market consumers are very savvy when it comes

Glue Guns or hot melt applicators

Get Packed has an extensive range of glue guns from light weight glue guns throught to pneumatic powered spray applicator guns for a wide range of uses from craft applications through to high volume industrial glue gun dispensers. For more information on the types of hot glue required for each gun please go to the link Hot Melt Glue. We also provide a link to a range of second hand packaging machines that provide you with less expensive and second hand alternatives.
Or click on these item names to go directly to these products:

Glue Guns

Adjustable temperature controlled glue Gun

GTEC series of Glue Guns from Get Packed

Our range of GTEC Glue Guns is extensive and we have something to suit all purposes. Click on the images below for more information on each.

  • 5-Gluegtec250 - lightweight and professional craft gun best used where small quantities of adhesive are required. It features self regulating heater controls and uses 12mm glue sticks
  • 5-Gluegtec305 - another lightweight, light duty glue gun. Great for craft activities and general household use - great reviews.
  • 5-Gluegtec600 - This is a cordless gas powered glue gun using refillable butane gas (standard cigarette lighter cannisters). Can be used for flooring, shop fitting, low voltage wiring and more. It can dispense 1.5kg glue per hour. Uses 12mm glue sticks
  • 5-Gluegtec808B - A cordless battery powered glue gun making it easily portable and therefore very convenient in a range of applications.
  • 5-Gluegtec810 - Designed for continuous operation and heavy duty use. It is robust and has a highly efficient melt chamber which ensures about 2kg of molten glue per hour. Uses 12mm glue sticks
  • 5-Gluegtec820 has a variable temperature control. This only weighs 500 grams and can produce 2.5kg of hot melt per hour. It comes with a 3m power cord. Uses 12mm glue sticks
  • 5-Gluegtec3400 is loaded with 2 x 43mm glue slugs so it never runs out of adhesive. It canproduce 3.8kg of hot melt per hour. It is ideal for packaging, product assembly, sealing, electrical potting.
  • 5-Gluegtec6100 is a pneumatic glue gun with 500w of power. It is rugged and reliable and ideal for most demanding applications. Uses 43mm glue slugs
  • 5-Gluegtec6300 is a pnuematic spray applicator glue gun. It is totally self contained requiring only compressed air and electricity to operate. This is the highest output, hand held glue gun of the GTEC range. It uses 43mm Glue slugs.

For information on the types of Hot Melt Glue to use for different applications and tips for using hot melt glue please click on the following links:

To find out more information on each of the Glue Guns please click on the images below.

home use glue gun

Gas Powered glue Gun

Cordless battery operated glue gun

Continuous Operation Glue Gun


Glue Gun with adjustable temperature control

Industrial heacy duty glue gun


Pneumatic Glue Gun

Pneumatic Spray Applicator glue gun


MS200 Industrial Hot Melt Glue Applicator

MS200 Industrial Glue Applicator

The MS200 Glue Gun is an industrial hot melt glue applicator that uses 600watt of power and processes glue in the form of 43mm slugs, granulate or pillows. It features a large glue chamber that allows a capacity of 250ml. It is useable even for the most delicate of hands having a unique ergonomic shape with an adjustable trigger allowing for comfortable use without fatigue.. In combination with a variety of available nozzles the MS 200 serves almost every application flexibly and professionally.
For more information please either click on the brochures below or click on the shopping cart.

3m glue Gun

3M Hot Melt Glue Applicator

The 3M Hot Melt Glue Applicator has been designed to work with low melt 3M Scotch-weld adhesives (also sold by Get Packed) . It features a quadrack converter, palm trigger, 150watts, 129 deg C, 240V, 1.6cm x 20.3cm cartridge size and delivers 1.8Kgs of hot melt glue per hour.
For more information please click on the shopping cart.

Reka Pneumatic Glue Guns

Pneumatic Reka Glue Guns

The Reka Pneumatic Glue Guns come in 3 alternatives, all of which allow hot melt glue to be applied as either dots, beads or lines and offer maximum flexbility as they can be loaded with any of the granulate, pillows or 43mm slugs. All models are fairly lightweight and have additional nozzles available to expand their applications.

  • The TR50.4 model has a thermostat controlled adjustable temperature and a tank capacity of 250ml.
  • The TR55 uses an electronic temperature regulation which is displayed on the LCD screen and a tank capacity of 330ml.
  • The TR60 model has a spray applicator to allow coverage of large areas with a low glue usage, with output and spray pattern being controlled with a built in regulator and manometer. The TR60 is commonly used for pallet stabilisation of cartons or bags. It comes standard with a stand for storage. It also features an electronicall controlled (with LCD display) temperature from 20-200 Deg Cel.

Being Pneumatic Glue Guns, the hot melt glue is extruded through the use of air pressure and so require an air compressor.


To find more information on each of the Pneumatic Glue Guns please click on the images below.

Pnuematic Reka TR 50.4 Glue Gun

Pneumatic TR50.4

Pneumatic TR55 with LCD

Pneumatuc TR LCD 55

Pneumatic Reka spray applicator TR60

Pneumatic Spray App TR60
Versashot extrusion hand gun and hose assembly

Versashot Extrusion Hand Gun and Hose Assembly

For use in the conveyor line the Versashot Hot Melt Adhesive System is used to apply adhesives to products moving beneath the application heads of the conveyor line. Designed for higher end users to apply peelable/removable or other types of hot melt glue in a dot or bead format. These dispensers typically use a K-series melter with a tank with either a 6.4kg/hr or a 12.7kg/hr melt rate, a 2.4m hose and then are fitted with either the Versashot Extrusion hand gun or an automatic style single nozzle application head and solenoid valve. For more specific information please click on the shopping cart icon below.

Bulk Hot Melt Glue Dispenser

Bulk Hot Melt Glue Dispenser

The Bulk Hot Melt Glue Dispenser is for use in light industrial applications. It is the step up from Glue Guns using Glue sticks or slugs to apply hot melt adhesives. The advantage of using a bulk dispenser is that it can use glues in different forms such as pellets, pillows or blocks with a wider variety of glues such as removable or fast packing glues. The V5 model can dispense 2.7kg/hr making it suitable for pallet satiation or the assembly and gluing of corrugated cartons or point of sale material.


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