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Instapak Foam Packaging

Sydney based Get Packed specialises in packaging machinery. Instapak is a fast and versatile process of on-site custom made foam packaging. It is also simple, convenient and highly efficient. Scroll down to peruse the list of Instapak packaging machinery for jobs where your business has outgrown the Instapak Quick Bags .We also provide a link to a range of second hand packaging machines that may provide you with less expensive and second hand alternatives.
Or click on these item names to go directly to these products:

Instapak Simple - next step up from Instapak Quick Bags

Instapak Simple
Next Step up from Instapak Quick Bags. Ideal for medium users.

Instapak Simple is the next step up when several cartons of Instapak Quick Bags per month is just a bit too small an operation for your Instapak foam in bag needs. True to its name the Instapak Simple System merges the Instapak Foam packaging performance with an on-demand delivery system that is easy and simple to use.
With this system all foam components and materials are self contained being delivered in practical containers, reducing the need to purchase and store foam components in bulk as well as eliminating pumps and heating elements that larger systems require. Features include a standard 240v - 10 amp electrical outlet; pre-set push button operation; small 9.4L jugs of chemical that snap into place; compact mobile platform ready and easy to use.

Instapak 900 and 901 Systems

Instapak Foam in Place Systems
Instapak 900 and 901

Instapak 900 is suited to small to mid sized applications whilst the Instapak 901 is ideal for mid-sized packaging requirements. The Instapak 900 and 901 Foam In Place Systems both feature a patented self-cleaning cartridge dispenser that delivers the instapak foam as well as a state of the art console which has foam output controls, built in timers and self diagnostic features for user friendly operation. No compressed air is required as it is an all electric operation and it meets UL and major international product safety standards.
Two 55 litre drums (Component A and Component B ) when combined create a trailer-truck load of liquid foam packaging material.
How it works: Instapak foam is dispensed into a carton which has been lined with high strength Instamate film - which when sufficiently filled is folded over and the product is placed upon the rising foam. A second sheet of Instamate film is then place over the product and more Instapak foam is dispensed. The film and box is then closed over the rising film so that only the correct space is filled thus creating a block and brace custom made package around your product.

Instapaker Table top

Instapaker Tabletop

The Instapaker Tabletop combines the reliability of the 900 series Instapak System with the ease and convenience of the foam in bag process. With the Instapaker Tabletop up to 16 bags of foam can be produced per minute. The Tabletop system has a small footprint on your table enabling a number of packing stations fitting onto the production floor, but can make a huge difference on your shipping operation.

Instapak Complete System

Instapak Complete System

This compact table top design is a refinement of the Instapak Speedy System (below). It produces continuous foam tubes and foam filled bags using a range of high performance packaging foams created to provide maximum protection with minimum foam. Flow controlled dispensing allows the system to produce foam filled tubes from 2.5cm through to 12.5cm diameter whilst touch key control panel programming allows from 24 pre-programmed foam bag combinations including performations to suit individual needs and applications.

Instapak Speedypacker Insight System

Instapak Speedypacker Insight System

The Instapak Speedypacker Insight System can be preset with up to 156 cushion combinations including continuous tubes, custom made void filler, moulder or top and bottom foam in bag cushions. With a simple touch of a button and a graphical display the Speedypacker Insight system can produce up to 21 Instapak foam filled cushions per minute. Being so versatile and efficient this system allows you to serve either on or even several packaging liines with just the one packaging system.

Instapak Chemicals

Instapak Chemicals
Part A and Part B

All of the Instapak Systems use particular chemicals or drum sizes. Click on the shopping cart below to see and purchase any of the range.

Instapak Systems Film

Film for Instapak Systems

Get Packed supply the fokm for each of the packaging systems. Click on the shopping cart below to see and purchase any of the range.


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