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Pallet Wrapping Machine

Sydney based Get Packed specialises in packaging machinery. Our range of pallet wrappers utilises the latest in technology and, keeping in mind a range of budgets, Get Packed supplies a large range of Pallet Wrapping Machines to suit all requirements. Our range start from manual pallet wrapping trolleys such as the GoodPack R-Wrapper, then to economy model semi automatic models such as the GPPW, up to high usage semi-automatic pallet wrappers that include features such as power pre-stretch, load accumulators, a range of wrap styles and remote lanyard switches to name a few. Get Packed also supply pallet wrappers that are movable (mobile) as well as a Robotic range. We also supply a range of machine pallet wrap that can be purchased online as well as a range of pallet stabilisation and pallet protection products.We also provide a link to a range of second hand packaging machines that provide you with less expensive and second hand alternatives.
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Pallet Wrappers Sydney

Goodpack R-Wrapper Trolley for pallet wrapping

GoodPack R-Wrapper Trolley

This is an Australian Made pallet wrapping device which a great alternative for those suffering back issues. It allows the operator to push the pallet wrap around the pallet without the need to bend low or reach high. It is available in 5 models which suit pallet heights fro 1650mm through to 3000mm. All models include alow wrap roll brake.

GoodPack Manual Mobile Pallet Wrapper

GoodPack Manual Mobile Wrapper

This is a simple to use manual and mobile pallet wrapper that weighs only 80Kg and has a mast that sits 2000mm high. It has no motor with the film carriage going up and down with the forward motion of the wheels whilst using the lever situated at the handle. A great alternative for low volume pallet wrapping.

Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

Pallet Wrapper for Low Volume wraps

This Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine was designed and built with economy in mind and will suit most low volume pallet wrapping requirements. It features:

  • 2200mm wrapping height
  • 1520mm diameter turntable
  • photo eye cell for detecting light
  • soft touch controls with an electronic screen
  • 1500kg load capacity

GoodPack Pallet wrapper operating instructions
Operating Instructions
GoodPack Pallet wrapper operating instructions

Pallet Wrapping Machine

The 1650 Pallet Wrapper will increase efficienc again in your warehouse as it can do up to 50 pallets per day.

  • 2200mm wrapping height
  • 1500mm diameter turntable
  • photo eye cell for detecting light
  • electronic screen with 3 wrapping programs to choose from
  • mechanical brake system to increase the stretch on your pallet wrap
  • 1500kg load capacity

GoodPack Pallet Wrapping Machine GPPW-2000

GoodPack Pallet Wrapper

With a lower cost per load compared to manually wrapping pallets the GoodPack 2000 wraps loads efficiently and quickly. Features include:

  • 2200mm wrapping height
  • 1520mm diameter turntable
  • photo eye cell for detecting pallet height
  • electronic screen and soft touch controls
  • chain driven turntable
  • powered pre-stretch
  • 2000kg load capacity
  • power 10 Amp - 240 Volt
GoodPack Pallet wrapper operating instructions

Semi Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machines Semi Automatic Pallet Wrappers

Get Packed's range of Semi Automatic Pallet Wrappers have a variety of features to suit an array of pallet wrapping requirements including size, weight and numbers of pallets wrapped per day.The Lantech Q300 stretch wrapper will suit loads of between 15-50 pallets per day, the Lantech Q300XTwill suit companies that require 30-100 pallet loads per day whilst the IM pallet wrappers are suitable for 40+ pallet loads per day.

Lantech Q300

Lantech Q300XT

To find out more information on each of the Semi Automatic Pallet Shrink Wrappers please click on the images below.

IM310 Pallet Wrapper
Pallet Wrapper

Integrated machinery 315
Pallet Wrapper

Integrated machinery 320 pallet wrapping machine
Pallet Wrapper

Pallet Wrapper with scales
Pallet Wrapper with scales

Lantech Q300 Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine
Lantech Q300 Pallet Wrapper

Lantech Q300 XT stretch wrapper
Lantech Q300XT
Pallet Wrapper
GoodPack Robotic Battery Operated Pallet Wrapper

Battery Powered Mobile Pallet Stretch Wrapper - Robotic GoodPack Mobile Wrapper

The Robotic GoodPack Pallet Wrapper is an alternative to a conventional Pallet Wrapping Machine as it doesn't have a turntable and is easily moved. This robotic battery powered stretch wrapper will automatically move around your pallet (with a minimum pallet size of 600mm x 600mm, but max height of 2.4m) and features a built in pre-stretch unit to get the most yields from your pallet wrap. The height of the pallet is detected by the Pallet Wrapper and wraps the pallet with the desired wrap that has been set. The battery life covers approx 40 pallets from one recharge.

IM330 Automatic Pallet Wrapper Automatic Pallet Wrapper
In a Semi Auto Format

The IM330 Stretch Pallet Wrapper has all of the same features as the IM310, 315 and 320 but is an automatic machine in a semi-automatic format. It allows the operator to wrap remotely by remote control or Lanyard. This is especially useful if the operator is on the forklift that just loaded the pallet onto the pallet wrapper. This machine attaches, cuts and heat seals the film eliminating film tails. The 200% power pre-stretch head allow for less film being used resulting in lower costs per pallet.
Sfera Robot Pallet Wrapper and the Robbie Robot Wrapper

Robotic Pallet Wrappers

Both the Sfera Robot Pallet Wrapper and Robbie Robot Pallet Wrapper are powered using rechargeable batteries. The Robbie Robot can wrap pallets up to 2200mm high using a telescopic mast. Requiring only 1.25m of working perimeter it has 6 programs to choose from that allow for vertical speed, pallet height as well as rotations up and down.

The Sfera Robot utilises a hinged arm that can raise and lower. It can wrap pallets up to 2100mm high featuring a double roller pre-stretch head that can stretch film by up to 400%, as well as customized wrapping prgrams with adjustable pre-stretch control and forklift slots for easy transport.

Robbie Robot

Robbie Robot

Sfera Robot

Electric Turntable for wrapping pallets

Electric Turntable

As an alternative to purchasing a whole pallet wrapper, the electric turntable makes hand wrapping pallets a whole lot easier. Simply load your pallet onto the turntable and hold the hand pallet wrap as the turntable does the work for you. (View the video below). The elctric turntable has a diameter of 1520mm - with ramp included - and will rotate at variable speeds using a foot pedal. It can hold a maximum weight of 1500Kg and uses a standard 10amp, 240v power.

Platform scales for weighing pallets

Platform Scales for Pallet Wrappers

If you have the need to weigh your pallets then platform scales are one way to do it. The image on the left shows the platform scale placed under a pallet wrapper which is why it is rated to hold up to 3000Kg. This platform scale is NMI approved S520 being certified for trade use. The digital screen is set to increments of 50g and uses 4 load cells.


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